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Brilliant Storage Ideas

Are you trying to free up a little space around the home? You wouldn't believe some of the ideas which can make your home more organised and spacious.

CD racks

CD’s are almost a thing of the past, but most of us bought a holder to keep them all organised. How about making it more useful and putting it in a drawer or cupboard to stack plates in? Or a make shift drainer? This can help you organise Tupperware and lids which normally float around the cupboard and get in the way.

Wine Rack

Have you got a wine rack but don’t stock enough wine to make it worth while? They’re perfect for stacking cups or pots in that you can fill with different objects. Use them for children’s colouring pens or for stationary and pop it on your desk like an organiser. Or if you have one that hold the bottles horizontally you can put it in the bathroom to stack the towels on and free up some shelf space.


Egg Cartons

I throw egg cartons out every time I buy eggs, but the little compartments can be used to store some fiddly bits. Things like drawing pins, paperclips and buttons always end up going amiss; an egg carton is perfect just to keep things safe that might come in useful later. Or did you throw out the box for the Christmas Decorations and stuff them into bags every year? Egg cartons are perfect for storing baubles!

Ice Cube Tray

Ice cube trays are also great for all of those small fiddly items. You could put them in your drawer and use them for organising earrings or other small pieces of jewellery.

Cling film and Tin Foil rolls

Well any roll really… you can use adhesive hooks turned in on themselves on the back of a kitchen cupboard to store rolls of things on. It makes them easier to use and saves loads of space.

File Holder

If you don’t have much to slip into a file holder, you could use it for stacking biscuit packets together and organise the cupboard a bit better.

Mop and Broom Racks

Mop and Broom racks are the perfect size for gripping onto your herbs and spices! Why not take advantage of the spare cupboard space and mount mop and broom racks onto the inside of your cupboard to store your food spices neatly?

Coat Hanger

We all have spare coat hangers but what’s the use when they can’t help us organise things like hats… or can they? By looping curtain rings around the bottom of a coat hanger you can hand your hats on one hanger and save lots of space.


There is so much space in the house which is potentially wasted because we don’t think to make us of it. Have you got a cupboard that closes with space on the other side? You can get cheap adhesive hooks and attach some long baskets to the other side for stacking bits and bobs in. This would be perfect for a boiler cupboard or sink cabinet in a bathroom.

Shoe Organisers

Have you ever seen those long shoe organisers for the backs of doors? Why not use one in your cleaning cupboard and put all of your products in? You can put these under the sink or you could save space by organising your shoes on the back of the door too…



Believe it or not, and this ones a good one. We don’t mean have things stored on your living room ceiling, but if you don’t have a shelf in your utilities cupboard you can use hooks and string to make a net across the ceiling, perfect for wrapping paper and storage tubs which normally take up a lot of space.

There are so many more great ideas to save storage space around the home. Use magnetic strips for hair grips and tweezers or fold your bed sheets into the pillow cases to make the shelf look neater.

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