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Do I need home renovation insurance?


Home renovation is frequently a more cost-effective way of gaining more space or remodelling your home or let property than moving to a new house or investing in new property – Homebuilding and Renovating magazine offers a rough estimate of what you might expect to pay per square metre.

One of the important extra costs to be factored in – but thankfully relatively affordable – is that for home renovation insurance.

Why do you need it? 

This specialist, standalone type of insurance is necessary because it is unlikely that your existing home building and contents insurance – or landlord insurance, if it is buy to let property – will to provide the cover you need once extension, renovation or remodelling work is underway.

Unless the renovation work is relatively superficial, you need to inform your current insurers about the proposed alterations to the property. They might agree to your plans and maintain the necessary cover, but are more likely to exclude any structural damage to the existing building, increase the amount you need to pay in premiums, or remove cover altogether.

Whilst the danger of structural damage to the existing building may be one of the chief reasons for your insurers’ concerns, another is the high probability of the property being vacated whilst the building works are in progress.

An empty and unoccupied property – even one on which people are working most daylight hours – is more vulnerable to the unwanted attentions of vandals, intruders, and arsonists than one which is lived in. The risk of unnoticed and reported maintenance problems in an unoccupied property also contribute to that greater vulnerability.

Home renovation insurance

Specialist home renovation insurance – in which we specialise here at UKinsuranceNET – is designed to plug those holes and maintain the cover you need for the property whilst the works are in progress.

In other words, protection against structural damage to the building is restored and, once renovation works are complete, you may increase your total building sum insured in the normal way, so that the extended or renovated property is once again protected by your regular home insurance or landlord insurance policy

Our purpose-designed renovation insurance policies also include provisions to ensure that the building and its contents remain fully protected whilst you or tenants are unable to live there and the premises are temporarily unoccupied.

It is in the very nature of any building project that timescales and schedules tend to overrun as delays or other complications arise, so renovation insurance is also designed to be sufficiently flexible to allow extensions of the period of cover that may be needed.

That same flexibility also ensures that you may arrange cover for only so long a period as you actually need it – if the works are scheduled for completion in just three or six months, for instance, you may buy home renovation insurance for just that length of time, rather than the full 12 months customarily required by other forms of general insurance. 

Finally, domestic renovation insurance is suitable for the protection of property which its owner occupier intends to live in once again after the works are finished or for one that is to be let to tenants. 

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