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How to sell your home - fast!


Citing recent research, an article by Accelerate Homes on the 13th of January 2019, said that it takes an average of two to three months to sell a home in the UK – more specifically, an average of 102 days. 

The same research shows that there is considerable variation, ranging from as short a time as just 39 to 48 days to as long as 106 to 126 days, depending on the part of the country in which you are selling the property.

Selling your home faster

While there is no hard and fast answer to how long it might take – some homes sell quickly, others seem to take forever – if you are selling, you naturally want the sale to go ahead as quickly as possible.

Here are some quick tips and suggestions about keeping ahead of the game and doing just that:

Pick your time of year 

  • the diversions and distractions of Christmas are over, and the summer holidays have yet to begin – Springtime is when many buyers may be looking for a new start, and a new home;
  • another popular time is the start of the Summer holidays with homebuyers looking to move in the Summer so their children can start at a new school in September (the start of the school year); 
  • whether your home has its own garden or is set against the background of public greenery, any property is likely to look better when the sun is out, the skies are blue, and the flowers are in bloom; 

Make sure it looks its best

  • think of it as your shop window, perhaps, with the aim of making it so attractive you can entice viewers and potential buyers to step inside;
  • first impressions count - so make sure your home has kerb appeal (our article on Giving your property kerb appeal is aimed at landlords but is just as relevant for homeowners looking to sell, too); 

Spruce up the interior

  • once you have them inside, you want to continue the appeal by making sure you have tidied up and made an effort to present your property in its best light;
  • so, replace any blown light bulbs, remove any scuffs on walls, etc. and repair any damaged items (e.g. door handles or cracked tiles); 
  • where required, give scruffy areas a lick of paint and give any other woodwork, work surfaces and windows a good wash; 
  • if you have pets, give their beds a good wash (you may not notice a slight cat or dog smell as you are used to it, but a visitor might);
  • don’t forget the smaller jobs too. Before someone arrives, do the washing up, and put away un-ironed or drying clothes, newspapers and magazines, toys etc.;
  • think about “staging” your home to create a lifestyle that a buyer would want – the smell of fresh bread and coffee in the kitchen for example. Or, a vase of bright, cheery flowers in each room will make your home seem fresh and happy; 
  • unless it’s especially scruffy, complete re-decorating is probably taking things a step too far, since any buyer is likely to have their own tastes and preferences for colour schemes. That said, if you have dark paint or wallpaper in a room, a lighter colour will make the room seem a lot bigger;

When the price is right

  • getting that valuation spot on is something for which you are likely to need professional advice; 
  • there may be similar houses in the same street or at least in the same area, but yours is unique and, with that, comes a unique market value that a trained professional is equipped to provide;

If you have a property to sell, of course you want to sell it as fast as possible – that’s the way to minimise the overall hassle of arranging viewings, negotiating the final price, and keeping the costs of the transaction to a minimum. We hope these tips will help.