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Thinking of moving to Canterbury? Whether you’re starting a family, planning an investment or beginning higher education, here is what Canterbury has to offer.

House Prices 🏠

Canterbury is an historic district of Kent, famous as a World Heritage Site, so it may come as no big surprise to find that property isn’t among the cheapest in the UK.

Property Investment 🏠 🏠

Canterbury is a major tourist resort, offering plenty of attractions. Each year around 1 million tourists visit Canterbury city.

  •       The average age of city residents is 37 years of age, which is younger than the average in the district, 40, England’s average being 38
  •       27% of 16 to 74 year olds living in the city have qualifications for a higher education, the national average is 20%
  •       There is a high population of students, potentially making the area an attractive proposition for a student let. 

Economy ££

Location and Transport 🚌          

Transport links to Canterbury include:

Education 🎓

Environment 🌷

Canterbury is home to a wide variety of attractions, including:

Trivia 🎬

Finally, did you know …

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