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Landlord Advice

Unexpected problems can always seem to pop up when you're a landlord. We have lots of advice to keep your income steady and become a successful landlord. 

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Airbnb and your insurance

It has become the go-to solution for many landlords looking to fill short-term tenancies that may be available, but has the spread of sites such as Airbnb grown out of all control?

19 March 2020
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Landlords and disabled tenants

March the 16th is Disabled Access Day in the UK – a day specifically marked for raising awareness about the needs of the disabled to a long list of buildings and amenities, including the homes...

13 March 2020
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Landlords' legislation for 2020

Another year, another raft of new legislation for landlords. Whether you are a seasoned hand or new to your role as a landlord, it can be difficult keeping up with the seemingly endless flow of new le

01 March 2020
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Property hotspots 2020

If you are planning to invest in buy to let property this year, then you’ll want to know where the likeliest hotspots are. Where in the country is your investment going to show the best return?

14 January 2020
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