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Home Insurance

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All about Home Insurance

Millions of UK households expose themselves to severe significant losses in the event of damage or destruction of their home, its contents, and / or claims from third parties.

Millions of people are uninsured or have inadequate cover:

  •       around a quarter of UK households are not protected by any form of household insurance;

  •       more than 1 in 3 of us will get burgled at some point in our lives.

Add to this the increased incidence of storms and floods, and you can see why not having adequate house insurance is a risky business.

Not only that, but if you have a mortgage on your home, then under the terms of your mortgage contract with your provider, you will usually be obliged to make sure you have adequate buildings insurance in place in order to protect both your interests.

Buildings insurance

This cover protects the structure of the building and any fixtures and fittings – so, the walls, roof, doors and windows, plus fixed items such as kitchens and built in wardrobes.

Contents insurance

Home contents insurance covers all the items within the property such as furnishings, personal items, TVs etc. Basically, if you turned your home upside down and shook it, all the stuff that fell out would typically be classed as contents and all those things that don’t fall out are generally classed as part of the buildings.

Additional elements of protection

Alongside the basic buildings and / or contents cover, there are a number of additional cover options that may be available to enhance your protection. The type of policy you are buying will dictate what additional options are available.

These could include subsidence insurance (not all policies include this as standard which may not be an issue for you if you are not in a high risk area); accidental damage to fixtures and fittings; freezer cover; and so on.

What cover is needed?

There are a number of house insurance policies available to protect your property, each designed to meet your own circumstances, so whether you:

  •       are a homeowner;

  •       you rent a property;

  •       or you are a landlord.

Separate buildings insurance and contents insurance cover is available, though these can also be bought as a combined policy if required.

Homeowners should have cover for both their building and the contents, though leaseholders in a block of flats often have a shared buildings insurance policy, which is normally sufficient. (Though you may need to check whether your fixtures and fittings are included as part of the freeholder’s buildings cover, as in some cases, it may not be).

In the case of tenants, normally the insuring of the structure of the building is not their responsibility, so a contents-only policy will usually suffice. 

Landlords typically need to have buildings insurance and may also need to consider landlords contents cover, though the contents element can be limited to communal contents or fixtures and fittings. At UKInsurancenet we offer bespoke let property insurance for landlords which can include loss of rent, emergency assistance, legal and rent guarantee etc.

Next steps

The importance of insurance should never be underestimated. To find out more how we can protect your property, please feel free to give us a call.

Alternatively, if you know what you want, why not use our online quotation system? We offer a comprehensive quote system for buildings and contents insurance. Follow through and answer the quote questions, then if you are happy to proceed, you can take up your quote instantly and securely, online.