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How to finance an investment property

There are essentially two halves to financing an investment or buy to let property: Although the funding for your purchase of buy to let property might come from a number of different sources, probably the most usual is from borrowing of one kind or another, and the most common form of such…

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Choosing a property management company

When calculating the return on your investment in buy to let property you may have done so the basis of a hands-on approach involving your own time and effort in advertising for and selecting tenants, collecting the rents, organising the repairs and the host of other jobs that are likely to fall to…

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Maximise your BTL profits

A buy to let (BTL) business is exactly the same as any other business in one very important respect - the better you maximise your profits, the healthier and more successful the business is likely to be. For the landlord, therefore, this is likely to be a simple equation of maximising your rental…

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