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Have you ever wanted to move to the market town of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire in the heart of England? If so, you may find it just the place in which to invest, continue your further education or start a family. So, here is what you might find there …

House Prices 🏠

  • Most expensive property: £900,000
  • Average house price in Mansfield: £147,516
  • Cheapest property: £50,000 (terraced, freehold).

Property Investment 🏠 🏠

  • With a total population of around 100,000, Mansfield has a population profile that closely resembles the average English town
  • Its 45,000 or so households are home to a population that is 61% of working age, 20% under the age of 17 and 2.3% aged 85 or more
  • Confidence in the town as a place to live and work is illustrated by a 4% increase in house prices in the past year and a 12% increase since 2014 

Economy ££

  • Mansfield sits on the rich coalfields of the Midlands – and this defined its economic place in the world throughout the 19th and into much of the 20th centuries
  • Closure of the pits has meant a steady move away from purely manual, unskilled areas of employment (although this is still higher than the national average), into skilled trades and administrative occupations (both of which are higher than the national average)
  • The largest employment sector today is the wholesale and retail sales industry. 

Location and Transport 🚌

  • Mansfield is the largest town in Nottinghamshire – not least because of its situation as a major transport hub for the north Midlands
  • the Mansfield Ashfield Regeneration Route (MARR) facilitates travel on an east-west axis, but the main transport links are via the M1 and A1 trunk routes north and south.

Education 🎓 

Environment 🌷

  • For such a relatively small town, Mansfield boasts a large number of parks and green spaces – currently some 150 of them
  • All have free public entry and make provision for a number of sports and activities
  • Notable locations are Carr Bank Park, King George V Park, Peafield Park, Quarry Lane Local Nature Reserve, Titchfield Park and Yeoman Hill Park.

Trivia 🎬

Finally, did you know ...