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Check your home contents (or tenant contents) insurance covers you


Home contents insurance – whether you are an owner occupier or a tenant – is always a wise precaution. At some times of the year, it may prove an even more sensible safeguard than ever.

Ahead of us now we have Christmas, and the shopping sprees of Black Friday on the 24th of November and Cyber Monday on the 27th – all dates which may put the contents of your home at particular risk, at a time when there may items of greater value than usual there.

Why are there potentially greater risks?

On special days and in the festive season, our normal guard may be down as we get on with the serious business of celebrating the occasion.

These are also times when we are likely to have spent more than is usual in stocking up for the festivities. In our knowledge base, for example, you might some of the statistics which bear that out – an average of £473.83 is likely to be spent on Christmas presents, the house is full of extra food and drink likely to be worth an average £183, and that’s before you tot up all that has been spent on the Christmas tree and household decorations.

Whether you own your own home or are a tenant, therefore, there are likely to be more than the usual number of goodies lying around to tempt light-fingered guests or intruders.

You may also be throwing more than your usual share of parties to celebrate the festivities. If you are the landlord of buy to let property, this may raise the unwelcome prospect of tenants or those with unruly guests losing their sense of responsibility and respect for your property by causing malicious damage to the contents that you own.

What does home insurance – or contents insurance for tenants – typically cover?

If you are worried about the theft – not just in the holiday season but at any time of the year – you may be pleased to know that home contents insurance covers this risk.

But that is not all. Contents insurance typically covers against loss or damage of a whole range of risks from theft and attempted risk, to fire, flooding, escape of water, impacts and vandalism. Many policies also have an “all risks” option, which provides cover against any form of accidental damage.

A further feature (and one that may give you greater peace of mind as the festive season approaches) is that some policies - including ours - automatically increase your total contents sum insured by an additional 10% during the holiday season, when you are likely to have items of more than usual value amongst your contents. This is a bonus likely to be of comfort not only to owner-occupiers but to renters who have tenants contents insurance that offers this feature.

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