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Keep Calm and Claim on the Insurance

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It seems that most people are afraid to claim on their insurance. Do you actually trust your insurance provider to pay out everything they say they will? Policies can be confusing and we all want peace of mind. So have a read of this to calm down a bit.

We all have specific circumstances that can change the likelihood of our claim being accepted. So let’s use contents cover as an example. Your house has been burgled, there has clearly been a forced entry and you, or your wives jewellery is missing. You know that your insurance policy covers you for losses of up to a fixed amount under the buildings cover however that will not cover the value of the jewellery. This is because your policy doesn’t include contents cover and so your insurance company won’t pay out.


Now while you might be thinking that insurance companies are untrustworthy, there is nothing that we will hide from our customers. And so, in return we expect you to disclose everything to us. If we don’t have all of the right details then we can’t cover you for the right circumstance. For example, if you disclose items which may be of higher value, then your premium will be higher, but if you do not wish to do so, they simply won’t be covered.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time the customer is unaware that this information is relevant. But in some cases, criminals will use these techniques for financial gain, so we have to be strict when this happens, however we want our genuine customers to get the best service possible.

You can request a free call back from any of our advisors and ask them exactly what you need to know. There is no such thing as a stupid question at UKinsuranceNET and we are here to help.

Another reason why you may not be eligible for pay out could be theft from a property without any evidence of forcible entry. This means that the incident could have been prevented if the customer and taken more care.

This may at first seem unfair; however when you return a piece of clothing to a shop, the store will expect the item to be unworn and re-sellable. But if it comes back with stains and tears in, then you wouldn’t be surprised for them to tell you it is non- refundable.

It is the same with insurance, if you get a lower premium because you informed us there were locks on the door, you will be rejected if your home was burgled because you hadn’t been locking them.


We understand that people want to save as much as possible, however when it comes to protecting your home you have to pay what is necessary. Make sure you have the cover you need. Disclose expensive items which you would want to be covered if they were stolen. When people insure their vehicle, more people are aware that accident injuries are not covered by there insurer unless they have paid extra for accident injury insurance. So you shouldn’t expect specific contents to be covered if you haven’t paid for it.

It’s also helpful to have proof that you owned the items you are trying to claim money back for. Perhaps receipts or photographs? It is very easy for somebody to make a claim and write down a list of expensive items which they may like to get themselves after the insurance company pay out.

Your policy details are crucial. Read them thoroughly. Anything which may result in you not being accepted will be in your policy. If you notice anything which you wish to be covered, give us a call and we can adjust your policy. Also if any of your circumstances change, let us know so that we can make those changes so that you are still covered, this may cost you more, or you could even save, it’s always better to be safe. Even read the small print, ‘batteries not included’ is usually missed on a child’s toy, however the consequences aren’t as great.

The last thing to do to help your claim be accepted is to tell us as much as possible. Disclose any details you can think of even if you don’t think they’re relevant, you would be surprised at what details can make a difference.


If you've come to the decision that you need to make a claim, the best thing you can do is act quickly. We need as much information as possible, so while it’s fresh in your mind, let us know exactly what has happened. Sarah McMullen, Claims Consultant at UKinsuranceNET says, “The majority of claims which we accept are disclosed within the first 30 days.”

Make sure that you collect lots of evidence. Take photographs of damage, record anything suspicious. Noises in the night or people lurking around. Ask your neighbours if they seen or heard anything suspicious. Collect anything which can be used to support your case.

Be honest. It can be a frightening process to claim on the insurance, and the best way we can help you is through honesty. Make sure you follow our process and tell us exactly what you know. In the long run if any of the information you give you is not true then your claim could still be rejected.

UKinsuranceNET advisors are on hand for whatever question may spring to mind, don’t be hesitant to call us. You can alternatively follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with our blog and latest information.  

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