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Eco-friendly and money-saving ideas for your home

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Whether you are a homeowner or buy to let landlord, eco-friendly energy efficiency not only demonstrates your environmental credentials but is also a sure-fire way of saving money.

If you are a landlord, your tenants may display an increasing awareness of environmental issues and the money they could save by renting an energy-efficient home. Eco-friendliness is likely to make your particular let property that much more desirable – so saving you money, too, in terms of lettings you no longer miss.

So, what can you do to make the property eco-friendlier – and save money into the bargain?

The freedom to choose

One of those measures might be to make it as easy as possible for your tenants to choose their energy supplier. A choice that is likely to be a balance between environmental sustainability and affordability suggests Landlord News.

You may help by passing on advice about potential suppliers, any special offers that are available, or even suggest any home improvements you might want to share with them.

Deciding on your level of investment

Some of those home improvements are likely to be more radical and expensive than others, of course.

If you are prepared for something designed to last the building’s lifetime, for example, you might want to consider the revolutionary new heating system described in the Bishop’s Stortford Independent newspaper’s edition of the 10th of December 2019.

The system relies on heating through tubes buried in the walls of your property. Not only is it an alternative to under-floor central heating or water-filled radiators, but it also uses only 20% of the water consumed by either of these and, because it uses less water, is cheaper to run – and more environmentally friendly.

Energy-saving measures more easily within you and your tenants’ reach

But many eco-friendly and money-saving measures require nothing like the investment of installing a whole new central heating system:

  • install a smart meter to monitor your energy consumption and set targets for its reduction;
  • when you are buying new appliances – for your own or your tenants’ use – check the energy efficiency and aim for an A+ rating or higher;
  • by lowering the temperature on the washing machine cycle you get to conserve energy and save money – the website Ecotricity estimates that you or your tenants might save up to £52 a year by washing on a 30-degree cycle rather than anything hotter;
  • remind your tenants about ways of reducing the amount of water they consume – it will end up saving them money. This can be achieved by getting into the right habits by spending less time in the bath or shower, fitting an energy-efficient shower head, or simply filling the kettle with only the amount of water you need at any one time;
  • electrical appliances left on standby continue to consume energy so turn them off at the mains – and disconnect rechargeable devices such as phones and laptops once they are fully charged (you also get to extend their battery life by doing so say some commentators).

In your own home or any property you let to tenants, it is relatively simple to adopt more eco-friendly habits – and knowing that they are also saving you money is likely to be a firm incentive for doing so.

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