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How Can Tenants and Landlords Get Along?


What are the little things that really annoy landlords and tenants. We know that there are problems with communication and payment options, but what really gets on your nerves?

We’ve pulled together a list of where the landlord/tenant relationship really needs some work.

Firstly, we encourage you to build relationships with local trades people so that you always have someone at hand if something should go wrong and can organise reasonable prices. However it is important that these trades people are going to do a quality job.

According to research by Saga Home Insurance 21% of tenants say their landlords employ low quality tradesmen to get the job done. It’s only going to cause more problems if by the time the problem is solved it isn’t done properly.

We have recently helped you out with ‘Being a Successful Landlord’ and in which we advise you to have the insurance to cover problems and be reliable. 17% of landlords actually refuse to fix broken items. This isn’t going to get you a good reputation, landlords have to be there for the people that rent their properties, at least try to come to an arrangement.

Don’t just tell people you will get a job done to tide them over. Be true to your word so that your tenants can trust you and won’t become more annoyed. 14% of tenants say that their landlord broken promises to get things fixed in the house.

Although we advise you to show that you care and try and build a friendly relationship with your tenants, we must stress not to be too nosey. People want their privacy, even if you do own the house, let them feel secure in their home and don’t ask to many personal questions so you feel safe about the rent. Tenants are thinking landlords are trying to get too much into their private affairs. 
But what are the little things that make landlords not want to help their tenants?

The main issue here is rent. A landlords income is their rent, and they can’t fund repairs without the funds from the tenants. 37% of landlords say tenants pay their rent late and 27% say not at all. On top of that 22% of landlords say tenants try and make excuses to avoid paying rent at all, that’s the majority of landlords struggling to get their rent. This has to me a fair relationship, if you want a reliable landlord, be a reliable tenant.

A lot of the time it can be annoying for a landlord when they are called out to fix something and it was fault of the tenant that it has been broken. 32% of landlords have had problems with fixtures and fitting being damaged by the tenant and 29% to the property itself. Perhaps if you’re unsure you could ask the landlord for help before making a mistake and making problems worse.

We can only advise you, however these problems can be avoided. Having respect for each others needs is a priority, there are reasons that everyone can be agitated and not want to comply.

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