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Strangest Items Found by Landlords

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When a tenant leaves your property, it is likely they may leave behind a few of their own items. Here we have picked up some stories from across the web of some of the strangest (and also some really stomach churning) items found by landlords in their rental properties …

Pants in the fridge

Research last year from AA Home Membership reported:

  • landlords finding dead pets rotting away behind wardrobes
  • one landlord finding a pile of dirty loo roll in the corner of the bathroom
  • underwear stored in the fridge.

Eye, eye

A survey by The Deposit Protection Service revealed some of the strangest items left behind by errant tenants including:

  • a false eye
  • a blood-filled milk bottle
  • a dead body
  • a ‘knicker tree’ of female conquests
  • blow-up dolls
  • illegal immigrants, and
  • handcuffs chained to a wall.

Pint glasses used as a potty

Trawling through some forums, one UK landlord reported that: “On moving the bed back into a central position against the chimney breast I found 6 pint glasses full of his (the tenant’s) urine. I can only assume the lad was too lazy to get up in the middle of the night…”

Tarantula skins and pig manure

Another landlord on the same forum reported that one tenant left tarantula skins on the floor and a number of dead mice.

In Derbyshire a few years ago, a Gloucester Old Spot pig was found roaming in a council property. The poor thing had been kept living indoors and the carpet was covered with manure.

Posh tenants leave posh items

At the other end of the spectrum, landlords of up market rental properties had the following among their findings …

  • a toupee in a biscuit tin
  • fake Grecian statues and columns cemented in place in a living room
  • a fully glazed window frame left on a bed
  • skis and skiwear
  • a Range Rover with the keys!

Weird items worldwide

Of course, it’s not just UK landlords who get more than their fair share or weird and often disgusting items left behind by their tenants. It happens to landlords everywhere …

Body piercing handbook in Australia

In Australia one landlord reported that he found “So many unusual items but the one that sticks in my mind is a box of illegal knives, a suitcase of used sex toys of all descriptions (very educational for the office) and a unit full of stolen goods. There was also a handwritten notebook with step-by-step instructions on how to do body piercing!”

Nude selfies and voodoo objects in South Africa

In South Africa, here the top weirdest things left by tenants include:

  • sex rooms, complete with whips and chains
  • nude selfies
  • voodoo objects, including monkey heads in jars and a decapitated parakeet.

As you can see from this collection of weird, wonderful and quite horrible items left behind by tenants, there are parts of being a landlord that are worse than others.

While your landlord insurance policy will not cover the cost of the removal of these items, you can claim for the costs of getting rid of their stuff directly from the tenant.

Have you found something strange in your rental property? Then let us know in the comment box below!

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