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Empty Property Insurance

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Empty property insurance

Did you know that the insurance currently protecting your property may become invalid if you allow it to stand empty for more than a month or consecutive days or so?

It may take many people by surprise to discover that this happens when the property is unoccupied – and a potentially very expensive surprise at that if the worst happens and the building or its contents are damaged or become a total loss.

Why do you need empty property insurance?         

If your normal insurance becomes invalid when the property is left empty after a number of consecutive days (typically 30-45 days depending on your insurer), it may seem clear that special unoccupied property is necessary.

But what is the reason for the existing cover ceasing to offer its customary safeguards in the first place?

As with most issues to do with insurance, it is about risk and, in this case, the specific risks of an empty property:

  • in addition to the usual perils of fire, flood, storm damage, impacts, theft and vandalism, an empty building is likely to come to the particular – and wholly unwelcome – attention of vandals, arsonists, squatters and other undesirable intruders, all of whom may cause considerable damage;

  • repair and maintenance issues in an empty property may also be fraught with greater danger and risks – a relatively minor repair, for example, may develop into a major incident if there is no one there to report the matter and take the appropriate action.

For these kinds of reasons, many insurers therefore severely restrict or make entirely invalid the cover which normally protects the occupied property once it has become empty for between 30 and 45 consecutive days – the exact period varying from one insurer to another.

What you need to know when buying cover 

When you are buying empty property insurance, you need to know exactly what it is going to cover – and just as importantly, what is likely to be excluded.

The answer to that question not only provides the reassurance you need for the safeguarding of your property, but also helps to measure the value for money of the cover you are buying.

You also need to know the extent to which the cover may be tailored to meet your particular needs:

  • is both building and contents insurance available on the empty property and, if so, what discount might you enjoy by buying the two together;

  • is the cover sufficiently flexible to allow only a basic level of cover, if that is all that you require, right up to a fully comprehensive form of cover, if that is necessary;

  • is it possible to tailor the policy to take account of the particular period of time you estimate the property to remain empty – and may it be possible to extend the period of cover if that, too, becomes necessary.

Why choose us?  

Thanks to the experience and expertise on the subject of empty property insurance we have developed here at UKinsuranceNET, we are able to answer all of those questions in the affirmative.

In other words, we aim to provide you with just the cover you need.

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