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Prepare Your House for the Spring Season

Colorful spring garden

It’s that time of the year again, sweep out those winter cobwebs and clean up to let the sunshine in. But let’s be honest, it’s a pretty big job. You’ve got drawers full of bank statements and old letters, it’s not going to be glamorous sifting through all this.

We’ve got a few ideas so that you can improve every part of your home this spring, making every other spring clean afterwards, that little bit easier.

We believe that improving your home as a whole can improve its cleanliness and your drive to keep it that way. We all need to be enthusiastic and enjoy the home we live in, so what’s the first step you should take this year to boost your energy?


The first thing that makes us feel happy about our home is the style. Many of us are scraping to pay their bills and don’t have time for everything to be perfect, but it makes a big difference to your lifestyle.

The same way you save for your car insurance and rent, you should put aside money for good quality furniture. You can pay in monthly instalments in most stores or visit a clearance store for top quality products at low prices.

Having good furniture means that it will last a long time and also compliment your home better than pieces that you bought just to fill a space. If you have lots of papers or magazines, buy something with a lot of storage space and drawers to avoid cluttering up the worktops. This means that when you need to spring clean, it’s just a case of clearing these drawers rather than things being scattered around.

Once you are content with the home you live in, you can feel good about yourself, it’s your place to relax and you should be proud of it. Don’t let yourself get down because your home isn’t perfect, just always look for small ways to improve.


The lighting in your home can be greatly underestimated. Don’t just settle with a single bulb and a dull lampshade that you never really wanted. Experiment with wall lights, spot lights and lamps.

When you’re about to do your spring clean, lampshades can really get you down because of the dust they collect, so try something new. Not only are they easier to clean, but spotlights can bring a bathroom or kitchen to life. Bright LED lamps make the tiles shine and the room looks cleaner.

In the living room you can use table lamps to create a relaxed mood for the evening and a central or wall lamps to brighten it up when you have guests. They will make a huge difference to your home.


When you leave a job too long, it can become unbearable and really sit on your shoulders until it’s done. One of which is the kitchen drawers. We know where everything is, but when you’re cooking up a big meal, things don’t exactly stay neat and tidy.

The smallest things can save you space in your kitchen and once those drawers have order, the kitchen isn’t such a stressful place.

Have a cupboard for each different food type so things don’t get lost. Store tins together, jars together and boxed products, like cereal, together. If you’re not happy with the way your kitchen looks and can’t afford a completely new one, price up the cost of just new surfaces or door handles. The smallest changes can make a kitchen look more modern. You can check out surprising storage ideas by reading Brilliant Storage Ideas.

If you're having trouble cleaning the kitchen in general and can't seem to remove lime scale or streaks, it may be in your best interest to look into changing your water. Hard Water can make kitchens and bathrooms a difficult job but we have lots of information on what you can do to solve your problems with hard water in The Different Between Hard and Soft Water


Organising my clothes is my worst nightmare. With drawers and multiple wardrobes, I can’t seem to keep it tidy, so you might be having the same problem. I find it helps to be harsh with the clothes you don’t wear. I am forever clinging to items I will never wear again, yet my partners are going in the charity bag every week, so I decided to just get rid!

A big encouragement for me was to take my clothes to a textiles weigh in store. They give you money depending on the weight of your items and they are recycled and re-used, what could be better?

Make space for new clothes that will make you feel good about yourself. We all need a new wardrobe every now and then, so get yourself a few new items and clear out the old! Your spring clean will be a lot easier and you could have also earned a bit of money from it!


Decorating doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think! A new lick of paint can make a huge difference and sometimes less is more.

If you’ve got a budget, it may be in your best interests to go for plain colours and dress the room up with cushions, ornaments and flowers. You can get all kinds of paint these days for every job. Whether it’s wood or concrete, save money by painting instead of replacing. Take a look at The Complete Guide to Paint to see what paint would be best for you.

Perhaps you should adapt your colour scheme if you’re looking for something new. Try changing your furniture and getting a new rug so the room feels new and you’re not stuck in the home you moved into 10 years ago.

Annual Jobs

Some things are a pretty big job. We find it hard to keep the car clean, let alone the gutters and drains or attics. The key is, not to let these big jobs mount up. They only become a burden when you already have 100 other things to think about. If you’ve left it too long and you’ve developed a problem with your pipes, you can read Claiming for Broken Pipes.

Do small bits every few months and you will find the big clean much easier. You can either employ somebody or give it a go yourself. We have a guide on How to Clean Gutters.

Go Green

If there is one way you can save money for that new furniture this month, it’s going green! These days you can get energy saving light bulbs that are much more effective than regular ones!

You won’t only be saving the money, you will be saving the environment. Try recycling , turning down your heating and getting insulation. We have a full list of energy saving ideas in How Going Green Can Save You Money.

Not only that, it might be in your best interests to improve your energy rating before the laws change. If you’re a landlord you may be expected to improve your energy rating by 2016. We have clear guidelines on the new law at Law Changes in Energy Efficency.

There are plenty of ways to improve your home without having to pay high street prices. If you have a look on websites such as eBay, you can buy high quality clothes and furniture for low prices. As well as that, check your Facebook for local selling pages, lots of people are giving away old furniture that could be exactly what you need. 

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You’ve got drawers full of bank statements and old letters, it’s not going to be glamorous sifting through all this. Here's a few ideas so that you can improve every part of your home this spring.