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Tennis Ball Tools

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Have you ever thought of all of the wonderful things you can do with a tennis ball? No? Well we have. The internet is full of new brilliant storage ideas, but we’re all about saving you money. So why not invest in a tube of tennis balls and see how much you can save with a few of these cool ideas?


By simply cutting a slit into the tennis ball, you can create a unique key holder. The rubber edge creates great grip. Draw a face on or something individual to make it quirky and attach it to your wall.

You can also do the same with pens, bottles and letters. My favourite is a tea towel holder! Freeing up space and making random items look interesting.



Believe it or not, tennis balls can be turned into great bracelets. If you know someone really into sport, or particularly tennis, this is a great idea. 

Simply cut a strip, to what thickness you prefer, around the middle of the tennis ball, and line the inside with whatever colour you prefer.

Wallet or Money Box

Admittedly not very big, however for those who like to a bit different, why not cut a slit into a tennis ball and attach a zip? You can fit coins, notes and even your keys in and none of your friends will have one!

Ear Protectors

Why not? If you’re ears are a bit sensitive when you get the electric drill or lawnmower out, cut a tennis ball in half and attach a headband.

Surface Protector

If you don’t want to scrape a surface or laminate with chair legs and stands, you can cut a hole in the tennis ball and slide it over the leg. Or cut it in half and use the soft edge to protect the surface from scratches until you can buy some rubber leg ends.

Plant Pot

Okay, so maybe a small plant, but it can look really interesting to have a seedling emerging from a tennis ball.


We’re all trying to think of new ideas to keep the children happy, and the messy paint set is just too much hassle. Getting tennis balls allows children to create faces, people and by using lots of glitter and glue get creative. Not to mention the uses you could have for them afterwards.

Get out the pom-poms and pipe cleaners and try making a fuzzy duckling, buzzy bee or creepy spider!

Dog Toys

It seems blatantly obvious, but have you ever thought about turning that tennis ball into something a little more fun for mans best friend?

Cut holes into the tennis ball and loop through some rope, tying knots on the end. You see them in all the pet shops, but why not do it yourself? Turn that boring ball into a fun tug toy.


You could cut a hole in a tennis ball and leave it outside to see what wildlife finds a home in it, you’d be surprised. The possibilities are endless, although some unpractical, they are certainly different and could save you money.

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We advise you to use scissors when cutting the tennis ball for safety. Cut tennis balls previously before giving them to children.