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Landlords share their tales of tenants from hell…

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Dead fish in the walls and putty in the bathroom sink drains are just some of the horror stories landlords have recounted on Reddit when asked about tenants from hell.

The Telegraph newspaper shared 11 stories which included unpaid rents for several months to a landlord going out Christmas Eve to kill a spider for his new tenants.

Here we reshare some of the stories …

Something fishy

A tenant, who happened to be a carpenter, was evicted. Instead of trashing the place, he cut off chunks of drywall, put dead fish in the walls, and sealed it back up.

The friend of the landlord recounts: "The owners couldn't figure out the smell for weeks. They repainted, got it professionally cleaned a few times, searched endlessly. Eventually, they figured something died in the walls." 

You never know who you can trust

"My parents decided to rent out my childhood home and I suggested it to a coworker. I had worked with this woman for several years, and thought she and her family were decent people. I trusted them” says another Reddit user.         

"They brought bed bugs into the place, pulled out and sold 100 year old hardwood trim, removed the central air unit and sold it ... They then proceeded to skip town after being kicked out once they found out that their wages were being garnished." 

Collapsed ceiling

A tenant vacated the property, leaving a window open in the middle of winter. Consequently, a water pipe in the ceiling froze and cracked. By the time the landlord got there an hour later, the whole ceiling had collapsed.

Putty in the drains

An evicted tenant decided to put plumber's putty into the sink and bathtub drains, then turn the taps on before he left. The landlord had to get professional contractors to fix most of it, including the removal of smelly, wet carpet and water-damaged floorboards.

You can read more stories on the Reddit page here.