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The rise of bed bugs – advice for landlords


The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has issued advice for landlords following the release of data that says ‘phone calls to report bed bugs rose by 28% between May and June this year. 

Tackling bed bugs

The RLA advises that if a tenant reports bed bugs, you should immediately call in the experts, as trying to tackle the problem yourself is unlikely to work. Also:

  • check there is no clutter near the bed, as the bugs like to sleep there;
  • make sure mattresses are bought from a known source;
  • always check a home thoroughly between tenancies and be prepared to replace a heavily infested mattress. 

Who is responsible for tackling pests in a property?

This depends on a number of factors, such as whether the pests were in the property before a tenant moved in and also what the tenancy agreement says about pest control. The RLA discusses this in more details in their article. 

Don’t bring bugs home with you

When your tenant goes on holiday, advise them to check their hotel bed for bugs, as they could easily bring them back (cities such as New York, for example, have seen what is described as an ‘epidemic’ over the last decade).

Finally, during the Summer of 2018, experts advised that the hot weather in the UK had seen an explosion in bed bug birth rates and advised commuters not to sit on public transport in order to avoid inadvertently picking up the bugs and bringing them home.