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Unoccupied Property Insurance for Long Stay Holidays

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Unoccupied property insurance for long stay holidays

If you are staying away from home for a long period of time – perhaps to have that holiday of a lifetime for 6 months or you have an opportunity to work abroad – then you may typically need specialist unoccupied property cover if you are leaving your home standing empty.

Who needs long stay holiday property insurance?

Anyone who is going on a long holiday / career break and leaving their home unoccupied for typically longer than 30-45 consecutive days may need this cover.

With changes to the pension rules, more and more people are taking the opportunity of cashing in some of their pension pot to indulge in a long-stay holiday – you might even call it your long-delayed “Gap Year”.

But even relative youngsters are home owners, too, and they may want to turn their attention to the importance of unoccupied property insurance whenever a long-stay holiday is on the cards.

Why do you need specialist unoccupied property insurance cover?

Whatever your age when taking that long stay holiday, you need empty property insurance while on your Gap Year.

The reason is quite simple – and that is because the home insurance which normally protects your property is almost certain to become very limited, or may lapse altogether once it has been unoccupied for longer than 30 or 60 consecutive days or so (the exact period varies from one insurer to another).

Insurers take this step because the risks to which an empty property is exposed are significantly greater than when there is someone in residence more or less all of the time:

  • there is plenty of evidence to suggest that an empty home is a magnet for all manner of unwelcome attention – from burglars, squatters, vandals and even arsonists; and
  • when there is no one living there, an otherwise relatively simple and straight forward maintenance problem or repair might rapidly turn into a major incident – leaving considerable loss and damage in its trail.

With increased risks such as these to take into consideration, therefore, insurers typically limit the extent of cover previously offered or regard your home insurance as having lapsed.

To restore the protection that your home and its contents continue to need, specialist unoccupied property insurance is required.

This cover also typically ensures that you maintain indemnity against property owner’s liability claims that may arise if a neighbour or other member of public is injured or has their property damaged through contact with your empty home – a liability which you may have even towards those who might have entered your property illegally.

Why choose us at UKinsuranceNET?

We have created a special unoccupied property policy that meets the needs of people who are leaving their home unoccupied for longer than 45 consecutive days.

Unlike some other providers, whose unoccupied property policies only include basic cover, we offer three levels of cover to choose from that offers cover for a wide range of risks typically not covered by standard unoccupied property insurance policies such as escape of water, trace & access cover, and much more.

We are recognised as one of the leading providers of all manner of insurance products designed to protect your property – whether it is unoccupied, occupied by you and your family or tenants or whether it is commercial property. Why not join tens of thousands of our satisfied customers, therefore, and ask us to quote for the unoccupied property insurance you need for your long-stay or Gap Year holiday?