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Ecclesiastical Insurance Office currently trades as Ecclesiastical Insurance and its origins - self-evidently - lie in the provision of insurance for churches and other property owned by the Church of England.

In terms of reliable insurers, you might consider that any company responsible for insuring St Paul's Cathedral in London and Gloucester Cathedral is worthy of a second glance - Ecclesiastical Insurance covers both these historic monuments.


The company was founded in 1887 with the purpose of insuring churches against the risk of fire but with the express object of ploughing back any profits from this enterprise into the charitable activities of the Church of England.

Within little more than a year, the company had attracted 2,000 policy holders (there were rather more churches in England and Wales then than there are today) and it had paid out the princely sum of £6 12 shillings in claims. Ecclesiastical continues to insure an estimated 96% of Anglican churches today.

Until 1895, Ecclesiastical Insurance provided fire cover exclusively for churches.


Although the company's fundamental objective of ploughing back profits into charitable causes remains today - the range of insurance products offered by the Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc today includes motor insurance (since 1957), travel insurance (since 1959) and property insurance (since 1985).

Landlord insurance

Ecclesiastical Insurance takes pride in having changed with the times.

Perhaps one of the most significant new developments in terms of property insurance is the demand for landlord insurance as more and more people have chosen to buy to let.

Insurance cover for landlord's - who need to protect their business as well as the value of the building and its contents - requires rather more care and consideration than standard home insurance cover. For this reason many owners of buy to let property look to specialist providers of landlord insurance to meet their needs. Ecclesiastical considers itself to be such a specialist.

Ecclesiastical Insurance landlord insurance

In its marketing of insurance landlords, Ecclesiastical makes clear that the policy is intended for property which belongs to, but is not occupied by, the owner - in other words, it is let property. In broad outline, the cover offered includes:

  • protection of the structure and fabric of the building - with an automatic index-linking of the total sum insured;
  • cover for the landlord's contents of the let property;
  • loss of rental income following an insured event;
  • equipment breakdown insurance (such as central heating systems, lifts and security systems);
  • public liability cover - €2,600,000 standard, with the option of increasing up to a maximum of €6,500,000;
  • employer's liability - up to a maximum of €13,000,000; and
  • legal expenses - an optional element of cover that may indemnify you against a wide range of issues from employment disputes, legal defences and debt recovery (up to a maximum €150,000 for any single claim).

Ecclesiastical Insurance offers a comprehensive package of insurance likely to be suitable for many landlords.